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Bekon are bringing the future of Digital media to Christchurch and New Zealand. Forget expensive and wasteful canvas skins, pre planned campaigns and single messaging. Be proactive and reactive with your message and vary your campaign images at no extra cost on our powerful outdoor LED billboards and street wise furniture.

Our large format LED high definition billboards showcase high resolution images with eye catching colour that won't fade in the sun or glare, visually empowering your message 24 hours a day. 

Based in Christchurch with a growing Nationwide network our large outdoor LED Billboards are situated in high traffic flow areas visible from over 250 meters. We use only the latest SMD diode technology on our fully automated, calibrated screens giving you a constant high image resolution 24/7.




Colour performance

We can accept many file formats from pdf to jpgs at a much lower resolution than standard print files meaning smaller file size and speedier communication.

Once supplied our team will convert your campaign files to maximise your campaign appearance, get the most out of your images for our massive screens. Our systems are calibrated often for continuous consistent colour performance.


Is all digital the same?

Afraid not. We've seen some newcomers to the scene with poor quality screens meaning your message loses vibrancy in full sun or poor weather. At Bekon we use only the best and latest SMD diode technology for outstanding definition meaning your message can be seen from over 250 metres away in any weather.

SMD 10mm Diode is our preferred Large Outdoor Billboard system.


How long before my advert is live?

During business hours we aim to have your advert live within about 5 minutes if it's a standard advert schedule.

If you're supplying multiple adverts to be displayed more dynamically we aim to have it live the next business day.


Every client is different and we believe in customising our solutions to meet your expectations. We have a range of products to suit every campaign and will work with you to get you the most effective results

Advertising Loops are 8 seconds every minute meaning your message will be displayed 24/7 in a selected pool with other advertisers. The beauty with Bekon digital media means you can have multiple images at no extra cost for your campaign. 

We can also target your ads to particular or certain times of the day. Want people to come to YOUR café for breakfast? ... advertise only in the morning as people are on the way to work.

We can also tie in with the weather to make your message is highly targeted. It's a new way of looking at large scale advertising that hasn't been possible with traditional methods.



Brougham Street

Address: 295 Brougham Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

Views/Day: 30,000 - 40,000


Cuba Street

Address: 151 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Views/Week: 100,000


Moorhouse Ave

Address: 420 Hagley Ave,
Addington, Christchurch 8011

Views/Day: 80,000